Boring. I need some more funnnnn please.

Damn. I am terribly bored.


Something happened and I hesitated…

Is it still a wise choice to go ahead at this stage of my life?

From NOW on, I’m gonna stop looking back and starting moving on.


I kept on looking back because I feel I am stuck at this point of my life & I don’t have confidence to face the future.

I need recognition.
Don’t put your opinions of what you think on me.
Forget the regrets, and start planning ahead.

I will get what I want. I am not a loser. You will see.

It will be a long journey i know…
for this have been staying in a hidden corner of my heart for years.
not until today i try to dig it out and look into it.

thanks Dad – you are always my light when I feel lost….

Probably I should consider the idea of seeking spiritual help from God at this point of my life.
yea I will do it!


well. time for updates!

life have been so busy these days that rarely have time to reflect on myself. it seems to me that i am occupied by SOMETHING at all times, but it’s like something i can’t tell exactly what it is; its not just about schoolwork. can i just do nothing right now but just meditate? anyways.

i have been enjoying my last semester. i like the courses i am taking. i like the new friends i am meeting and they are really lovely i have to say. and i find a new ME. throughout these years i have been changing a lot – my flow of thoughts are fluctuating all the time, negatively and positively. i admitted that i have been wasting a lot of time in self-accusation, or sometimes even accuse others for my own distress (which is so mean.) i prefer staying alone all times since i don’t wanna get involved/touch/hear about the ‘sensitive’ side of me. the reason is that i cant accept the reality. i seek for perfectionism. BUT now, i am trying to appreciate things happening around me (trying hard not to make comparison which is really hard for me). I like to stay with friends, share my mo liu stories…what i realize is, the day would be better even something bad happened. so why so serious?

and i bet ten years from now what distress you now will be nothing more than a joke. HA-HA


kind of 心癢癢 when I am reading about expedition programs just now; i would say it is going to be my dream job IF i can spend my entire life working with the environment, or at least get myself partially involved, not wholly. maybe i can work for it as my part-time? 珠峰 GOSH. couldn’t i be one of those secondary students? omggg :OOOO

but it has been a critical year. i always found it hard to strike a balance between what I wanna do & what the society expects me to be doing. that’s why i always say creativity of human kinds living in urban blocks are being limited. what we see everyday are CONCRETE WALLS.

what I am thinking is 不要讓環境局限自己. here’s not a dead city at all. mountains make up most of HK. at least its too costy to flatten mountains, so i thought people in hk won’t be considering it as an option to get more land for buildings. i think i quite like the idea of the new buddy i met ytd – persist in hiking up to the peak three times a week; she’s the real ACTOR :OO

a very random one again. a good place for procrastination :S
shit i got classs at 1230. what’s the point of waking up at 730 then -__-