i always enjoy the long talk with my father where i can put away my integrity, listen, learn and share. what i need is true words from someone who know me well.

we all need guidance in our life. no one are born to know everything. even genius needs guidance. throughout years, what we have encountered in life are shaping our personality and it’s on going. i always reflect on myself. there is time that i just cant bear ideas that are conflicting with what I value a lot. there is time when I question about my conscience and my thoughts. yet, i am trying hard to accept, to convince myself, and trying not to be stubborn because you cant deny that you are living in a world of complexity. you live your own life. 

didnt update my recent life for long! we all cant imagine it’s already mid-november, now i have the feeling that I WILL miss school life for sure. i have began my first ever laboratory work (dont laugh). i deal with chemical (HCl), observing chemical reaction when amazement, and do nothing when i am watching those chemical bursting out crazily when they react so hard with the organic matter. and now the soil sample have been freeze-dried blah-blah-blah..picture paints a thousand words, that’s what I am busying with these days.
PB102691 PB102696 PB102700
but still, i start to feel the pressure whenever i thought about what to do next. aww today i try to make a list of what-to-do-next so as to make things more organised, and its really scare me off. Good luck to everyone :S




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