I am not a ‘multi-taskable’ person.
I find it so hard to manage my time well when schedule are packed at the same time – this is the problem.

I have been skipping some of the classes these week for the sake of working on my report (one big headache).
I have turned down my professor for some lab work, he is kind enough to say ‘No worry’, but I am worried. I feel so sorry for him.
For the weekdays RA work – I have 罷工 for the week -v-
And there’s an interview on Friday morning, and being a helper for info day on Sat. 
Not to mention my weekly plan of working out and yoga, and some talks that I would love to attend.
And I haven’t meet some of my friends for a long time…T-T

What I realize is – keeping yourself busy doesn’t make you feel any better – you still need time for yourself, on your own. But there’s no choice, right?




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