Start missing mum and dad and it has been the second Sunday without family T-T

Sunday is the best day of the week to spend with family and it doesn’t mean to be fully packed with schedules. Get up. Brunch. Tea. and time for dinner. and occasionally – hiking. (Autumn is the best timing for hiking! I am now training my legs to withstand the muscular strain from walking up stair – before starting my idea of conquering ALL hiking trails in Hong Kong practically :P) 

Tried Pranayama and Meditation this morning. Through various types of inhaling and exhaling exercises – which are essential steps in yoga practice – you will learn how to control our breathing and help to control our thoughts. And as a beginner it’s really hard to get rid of thoughts, entirely – and to get into a stage when you are only focusing on the changing colors in your mind. (I can finally understand the feeling when Liz is having her meditation in the ashram -v-) but anyhow, I can feel that my body kind of go into a stage that I need some internal force to move my own limbs and fingers (i am not asleep). this is amazing o.O

The photo was taken in Long Ke when we were up for the sunrise. I remember how comfortable the night when I was sleeping in a tent with the sound of rolling sea waves. I always complain about the bustling environment of HKG, but not now – it’s just a matter of willingness and time, nature is always there for you.

a very random post. 

And my October is really deadly. I am desperate in bringing back the missing puzzle pieces of my life in November. Time to work again :S



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