I am not a ‘multi-taskable’ person.
I find it so hard to manage my time well when schedule are packed at the same time – this is the problem.

I have been skipping some of the classes these week for the sake of working on my report (one big headache).
I have turned down my professor for some lab work, he is kind enough to say ‘No worry’, but I am worried. I feel so sorry for him.
For the weekdays RA work – I have 罷工 for the week -v-
And there’s an interview on Friday morning, and being a helper for info day on Sat. 
Not to mention my weekly plan of working out and yoga, and some talks that I would love to attend.
And I haven’t meet some of my friends for a long time…T-T

What I realize is – keeping yourself busy doesn’t make you feel any better – you still need time for yourself, on your own. But there’s no choice, right?


Start missing mum and dad and it has been the second Sunday without family T-T

Sunday is the best day of the week to spend with family and it doesn’t mean to be fully packed with schedules. Get up. Brunch. Tea. and time for dinner. and occasionally – hiking. (Autumn is the best timing for hiking! I am now training my legs to withstand the muscular strain from walking up stair – before starting my idea of conquering ALL hiking trails in Hong Kong practically :P) 

Tried Pranayama and Meditation this morning. Through various types of inhaling and exhaling exercises – which are essential steps in yoga practice – you will learn how to control our breathing and help to control our thoughts. And as a beginner it’s really hard to get rid of thoughts, entirely – and to get into a stage when you are only focusing on the changing colors in your mind. (I can finally understand the feeling when Liz is having her meditation in the ashram -v-) but anyhow, I can feel that my body kind of go into a stage that I need some internal force to move my own limbs and fingers (i am not asleep). this is amazing o.O

The photo was taken in Long Ke when we were up for the sunrise. I remember how comfortable the night when I was sleeping in a tent with the sound of rolling sea waves. I always complain about the bustling environment of HKG, but not now – it’s just a matter of willingness and time, nature is always there for you.

a very random post. 

And my October is really deadly. I am desperate in bringing back the missing puzzle pieces of my life in November. Time to work again :S

from some casual chat with some friends:

it’s sad when people who are materialistic don’t aware that they are one of them.

意志不堅定時也會動搖 但當我停下來靜思過後 便會發現一切只是幻象 – you know what you need, which is 不變的..

今日記事, 20111013




人總會有惰性,我都曾經比過藉口自己唔出現。但每次完成後的都有不同的感受,就係呢份意義令我覺得值得吧 🙂

要訓了,明天還要早起做LAB,努力!(唔可以再好似今日咁呃my boss XD)



(天文古鐘,攝於捷克布拉格 四月2011)每個人都可以擁有屬於自己的時鐘?

今日inspired by 區家麟先生的講座-十件物事:背囊友時空遊。
多得友人的提醒先記得自己報左名 :p


「手錶 is the handcuff of our time?」

自工業化開始,人類開始要精確計算時間,而時間開始定義了人的行為,人的價值也開始由時鐘定斷。 時間是金錢?多勞多得?點先為之浪費時間?這堆terms只會出現於現代的字典裏。 我們喪失了人類本有的natural instinct,只活在自己的群體裏,離天和地愈來愈遠,漸漸地變成一個獨立的群體。



今天回家途中,在電車上愉聽到一位大學生向友人分享她出書的計劃;她打算將在難民營義教的經歷輯錄成書 (估計她參加了MOEI 計劃),並且將盈餘撥回那間學校。我欣賞她的堅持及念頭。