just plans.

this semester will gonna be a challenging one to me. Not to make my last year an regrettable one and to lead a healthier and more balanced life, I have occupied myself with STUFFS.

FYP (Dr. Zong just gave me lots of readings & probably I have to spend some time familiarizing myself with the equipment in the laboratory), P/T RA (to make better use of my gap time than hanging around in the computer lab & to earn some money & experience & nature & fun :D), permitted to take a 12-credit distant course from SU for credit transfer (should be doing that in SU but erm..nevermind, I will still spare some time on that when I get bored), a 6-credit field trip report during reading week, some voluntary programs, yoga practices x 20 times, physical fitness x 15 months…

feels like everything is well-organised in a way that no time is gonna wasted! hope these plans are working well. wohoo i am now filled with contentment!
ga yau fighting fighting 😀 

The only way to be truly happy is to keep yourself busy 




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