I cant imagine that i am a year three student. Keep attending career talks and workshops these days, and the more you attend, the more you will get prepared – this is what i believe.

It is like you are no longer a full time student, since part of your time in school goes to job searching preparation plus talks plus polishing your cvs..time in year three is really fully packed. You will have to be ready be confident be prepared before getting into the bigger society.

So to make things go smoother for my future : gotta read more news as ngo really lack these stuff, read books, learn from seniors, polish my english plus chinese, learn a new language (probably german or spanish if i got free time), learn to drive next year, art appreciation.. there’re always more , cant list out the rest.

Healthy body healthy mind. Exercise! WARNING : SD & frds fai d find me for exercise hahaha

Enjoying green tea frappi in starbucks right now 😀

PS hope that i got the RA position seriously i need a part time :@
PSS. Hope hot yoga helps relaxing my mind and body.




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