just plans.

this semester will gonna be a challenging one to me. Not to make my last year an regrettable one and to lead a healthier and more balanced life, I have occupied myself with STUFFS.

FYP (Dr. Zong just gave me lots of readings & probably I have to spend some time familiarizing myself with the equipment in the laboratory), P/T RA (to make better use of my gap time than hanging around in the computer lab & to earn some money & experience & nature & fun :D), permitted to take a 12-credit distant course from SU for credit transfer (should be doing that in SU but erm..nevermind, I will still spare some time on that when I get bored), a 6-credit field trip report during reading week, some voluntary programs, yoga practices x 20 times, physical fitness x 15 months…

feels like everything is well-organised in a way that no time is gonna wasted! hope these plans are working well. wohoo i am now filled with contentment!
ga yau fighting fighting 😀 

The only way to be truly happy is to keep yourself busy 

Well. It has been an exhausting day, spiritually and mentally.

Some people become rebellious for what they against /dislike/loathe in life.
Some can comply with what is going against to their wills. They just accept and say nothing.

After all, it just depends on how you make judgement, of course, there’s no right answers. BUT at least, please be responsible of yourself.

I cant imagine that i am a year three student. Keep attending career talks and workshops these days, and the more you attend, the more you will get prepared – this is what i believe.

It is like you are no longer a full time student, since part of your time in school goes to job searching preparation plus talks plus polishing your cvs..time in year three is really fully packed. You will have to be ready be confident be prepared before getting into the bigger society.

So to make things go smoother for my future : gotta read more news as ngo really lack these stuff, read books, learn from seniors, polish my english plus chinese, learn a new language (probably german or spanish if i got free time), learn to drive next year, art appreciation.. there’re always more , cant list out the rest.

Healthy body healthy mind. Exercise! WARNING : SD & frds fai d find me for exercise hahaha

Enjoying green tea frappi in starbucks right now 😀

PS hope that i got the RA position seriously i need a part time :@
PSS. Hope hot yoga helps relaxing my mind and body.

Sept..whats in my mind

1 盡量唔好帶着偏見去看人 接受各種思想
2 真本性 唔洗理人點睇 堅持己見
3 simplicity is the key to happiness
4 向現實低頭
5 就算辛苦 唔想讀落去都要死頂 可以起碼唔憎佢嗎?我好想做得到,唔希望每個星期有起碼4曰都唔開心..我想返學開心 大學過得有意義 achieve一些令我自豪的事
6 尋找理想生活
7 認真 我非常後悔宜加先完全醒覺 到底我可以承受幾多 想要咩 只有自己最淸楚 有感自己渾渾 ork ork 地過了三年
8 我想玩獨木舟/ wa艇
9 now attending EO talk

To be continue


ho ho tan


友人說 回來一個月後便可以適應返香港的生活 慢慢淡忘這遍樂土 覺得瑞典離我愈來愈遠
但我仍然不能忘記每一個畫面 每一個細節 每次想起不禁會心微笑 那份感覺永遠在心中 🙂



i am so bad sorry.
can i start everything over?
there’s a lot that i cant find the answer.

sorry that im becoming more and more ambitious.

My mind is not here again

You will remember me when the west wind moves, upon the fields of barley. You forget the sun, in his jealous sky, as we walk in the fields of gold.